These upcoming webinars will quickly get you up to speed on strategies and technologies for transitioning your class to remote, online or distance.

Zoom: Breakout rooms for collaborative learning or group/pair work
Description: Participants will discover how to create breakout rooms for use within a Zoom meeting as well as learn best practices for this type of collaborative tool. 


TurningPoint Web Polling

Description: Come learn how TurningPoint web polling can help you to engage remote students with real-time formative assessment, in-the-moment polling, and to schedule questions and content for completion outside of class meeting times. TurningPoint web polling is being offered free of charge for instructors and students up through July 1 to help assist the need for remote polling and engagement during these challenging times.


Using VoiceThread in D2L
Description: In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to create VoiceThreads and then add them to your D2L course as lessons or assessments. This webinar is led by the VoiceThread company’s instructional designer and online educator George Haines. This workshop is free, but registration is necessary. To access VoiceThread application, go to a D2L site, click on UA Tools in the navigation bar, select VoiceThread.

March 13th 2020

March 16th 2020

March 17th 2020

March 18th 2020

March 19th 2020

March 20th 2020

March 26, 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020